About us

Who is Kenzie Jordyn?

Let's start with the origin of our company name

Mackenzie Jordyn in my daughter.  We have called her Kenzie since before she was born.  Her and I have been doing DIY projects together since she was a toddler

My mom was my inspiration.  She was a very talent artist.  We were always creating things together.  From random art work for my first apartment to amazing art work for my home (that I have proudly displayed today).  There was always a project in progress. 

I always wished I could paint like she could (but it's just not in the genes)

When my daughter and I found Iron Orchid Design and started using their transfers, moulds and Stamps, our projects came to life!   

We opened Kenzie Jordyn to help inspire others be creative and to provide artists (or DIYers like us) with the supplies and tools to help them create incredible pieces.  

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do. 

Thank you for visiting our page