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Memoir LG IOD transfer 27.6″ x 36.8″ rub on furniture decal - First Generation - by Iron Orchid Design - Retired

Memoir LG IOD transfer 27.6″ x 36.8″ rub on furniture decal - First Generation - by Iron Orchid Design - Retired

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Memoir LG IOD transfer 27.6″ x 36.8″

IOD Transfers are a little delicate and therefore need a little extra care, but are worth it. Follow the instruction to add instant style to your project.  Keep the backing sheet with the transfer until you are ready to apply it.  Keep the area free of dust or debris as this can interfere with adhesion. Do not let the adhesive side of transfer to touch anything prior to applying to your project. When you are handling the transfer, avoid letting the adhesive side touch itself. Do not store transfer in extreme temperatures or humid conditions, which can affect adhesion.

Once you are ready to apply your transfer, start with a clean, dry, matte surface. If the project has been painted, make sure it’s well cured before applying the transfer. If you sanded the paint make sure that there is no residual dust. All of these steps will ensure less interfere with adhesion. For the best adhesion, be sure to seal the surface of your project with a high quality, water-based, matte finish polyurethane sealer before applying a transfer.

now that your surface is prepared you are ready to carefully remove the transfer from its white backing. Slowly and carefully line up the transfer where you want it on the surface, be sure that it does not touch until the placement is where you want it. Use low tack tape to hold it in place.

either use the provided tool, or one of your choice. Starting at one end of the transfer, rub firmly to adhere the transfer to the surface. keep burnishing until the entire image is transferred. If any parts aren’t stuck when you lift, simply lay it back down and burnish more on that part. Once the image is complete transferred, smooth down any edges that aren’t fully adhered.

It is recommend that you seal with a water based or not harsh solvent based, sealer. You can also use waxes created for chalk type paint as long as they do not contain harsh solvents
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